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On April 26, steel and finance will be heard
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Financial information

Meeting of the political bureau: unswervingly push forward the strategic adjustment of economic structure

The political bureau of the communist party of China (CPC) held a meeting on April 25 to analyze the current economic situation and economic work and consider the special report on the investigation of the unit situation of the central government. Xi jinping, general secretary of the CPC central committee, chaired the meeting. Meeting that since this year, in the complex situation at home and abroad, all regional departments in accordance with the deployment of the CPC central committee decision, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, adhere to the new concept of development, adhere to in order to promote the supply side structural reform as the main line, promoting structural adjustment and the old and new kinetic energy conversion, the effective prevention and control risk, promote the hard-won achievements were made in economic and social development. Conference pointed out that in the full affirmation achievement at the same time also want to see, the current economy has a cyclical factors, economic structure adjustment, is still a long face many challenges, must insist on a big new normal logic to the economic situation, unswervingly promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure.

Xinhua news agency: the political bureau of the central committee delivers the six signals of the current economic work

The political bureau of the CPC central committee held a meeting on Thursday to analyze the current economic situation and economic work. The conference's statement on the current economic situation and economic work has released six important signals. Signal a: economy achieve good start in the first quarter, signal 2: unswervingly promote strategic adjustment of economic structure, signal 3: ensure the systemic financial risk does not occur, signal 4: ensure supply side structural reforms are deepening, the signal five: speed up the formation of long-term mechanism to promote the development of the real estate market stable, signal 6: expanding reforms benefited range.

The three major pollution prevention and control action targets will be covered by environmental supervision

Resolutely play blue sky battle: to solve the problem of coal pollution, especially in the northern region winter heating period coal pollution, in the key areas to establish "the coal" area, all out of small coal-fired boilers, above ground level and city proper completion of east coal ultra low emission and energy saving reconstruction task, promote energy-saving building insulation. We will carry out special efforts to improve environmental protection in key industries, and resolutely ban "scattered and polluted" enterprises in accordance with the law. We will accelerate the restructuring of the industrial structure, and accelerate the completion of the task of reducing excess capacity in industries such as iron and steel in key areas such as the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. We will deepen the pollution control of motor vehicles, basically eliminate the yellow standard vehicles, speed up the elimination of old motor vehicles, encourage the use of clean energy vehicles, and promote the use of six standard gasoline and diesel engines in key areas. Weather should strengthen the heavy pollution, pays special attention to the key regional air pollution zone from spreading, increase in key industries such as steel and cement heating peak production season, around and supervision of heavy pollution weather emergency plan, improve and strictly implement the lack of response to the serious accountability. The research on the formation mechanism of heavy pollution is carried out to improve the scientific and precision of the response.

The central bank's net liquidity pressure for the sixth consecutive day remains

A bank practitioner told reporters that the 25th day was a bank payment date, which had a certain impact on the recent liquidity. This is especially true at the end of April, when the pressure on Banks and non-banks is tight. Despite the fact that the central bank has been on the open market for six consecutive days, some city businesses are still under pressure.

China's jobless "warm start" in the first quarter hit a new low in recent years

More than 15 million new workers need to be employed in urban areas this year, including 7.95 million college graduates. In addition, there are more than 3 million new rural workers. In addition, steel and coal needs to be settled this year around 500,000.

Iron and steel

NDRC: push coal price to return to reasonable range as soon as possible

The NDRC said it would increase the effective supply of coal and push coal prices back to a reasonable range as soon as possible, reducing the difficulty of operating coal and electricity companies. Electricity consumption is forecast to grow by a little more than 5% in the second quarter, down slightly from the first quarter. There are still some uncertain and unstable factors in the current economic operation.

The steel industry "dredging" has been retracted and the company has a chance to join

24, for the first time, the ministry of industry from 2013 to 2015 into the steel industry standard enterprise the 304 companies on the list of "dredging", a total of 29 companies has been dropped as a list of 40 companies are being asked to rectification. The revocation list includes subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises such as baosteel and river steel, as well as large private enterprises such as haixin iron and steel. According to the regulation of the continuous rectification in place and can be in accordance with the specification requirement specification production and operation of enterprises, in principle from the date of cancellation notice, after 12 months according to procedures to apply for in line with the conditions of the steel industry norms.

Anyang steel lost 201 million in the first quarter

On April 25, anyang iron and steel issued a quarterly report for 2017. The company realized revenue of 54.88 billion yuan in january-march 2017, an increase of 11.33% year on year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2.01 billion yuan, down 15.38% year on year.

Increase production "non-stop" steel price downward pressure

The daily output of crude steel in China hit a record high in March, and the average daily output of key steel mills in early April continued to rise, raising concerns about supply increases. At present, the steel mills are under increasing pressure on the sales, the inventory starts to increase passively, the steel mills are not confident enough, and the steel price will be under great pressure.

Be careful! North wood south, may be a big risk

From the current survey, the total exports in April were 69,000 tons. North China's total is about 465,000 tons. Because the early south price has certain advantages, the north of the south of the resources still the main direction of the transfer. In April, north timber accounted for 87% of the total resource transfer, and the export growth trend is not so obvious. According to the survey, most merchants said they still had no clear plan in May, and the gap between the south and the north was narrowing. In addition, it is understood that the port of the port of the south of the port of zhan is too difficult to dock, and there is some resistance to the north. So there is a risk of increased resource supply in the beijing-tianjin-hebei market in May.